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Carol Anne and Jonathan's 5-year (and counting) friendship forged from 4 1/2 years together as part of the Torrey Pines Christian Church Worship Team is the basis for 'Fire & Ice'. Before forming 'Fire & Ice', Carol Anne and Jonathan have played together in various settings either with the band and other vocalists on the worship team or as a duo at church, the San Diego Rescue Mission, or visiting and jamming as friends in each other's homes. Joining forces as 'Fire & Ice' was a logical progression that arose out of a mutual passion for music and the mutual respect and appreciation that comes from a true friendship. The following is in their own words.

Carol Anne Drastal (Ms. Fire) Jonathan Villegas (Mr. Ice)
This blue-eyed, long legged brunette was born and raised on Long Island, New York in a small but quaint sailing town. Sixteen years ago she moved with her husband and sons to San Diego, and upgraded to a much larger sailing town!

As a small girl she learned many a "good old song" as she sang wherever and whenever -- around the piano with her family, long car family vacations, the local village pub, everywhere! She is also noted for singing either solo or in harmony with friends on her sailboat.

Her singing career includes Musical Theatre, Opera, and Choral singing. She is presently the soprano soloist, section leader and contemporary worship team singer at Torrey Pines Christian Church. She has a wide vocal range and can add a variety of colors to her voice, making her a versatile singer for all kinds of music. She loves life and it shows in her singing!
Guitarist, bassist, songwriter & arranger with 28 years experience. Son of a sharecropper whose family led a life of itinerant existence. (Alright, I made that part up. It sounds cool though, doesn't it?) Early years in the 70's included college jazz ensemble (guitar), the rock musical "Canterbury Tales" (guitar), and 'garage band' experience.

The late 70's and early 80's saw the beginnings of a studio recording and record-making mogul:
-- Submitted an original song, a 2-guitar w/vocal recording live-to-stereo cassette, to KGB Radio's San Diego Homegrown competition where it was summarily rejected (circa 1978).
-- Did backing tracks on cassette by bouncing between two cassette decks over which the melody was performed live on electric guitar for a wedding reception (circa 1983).

In the 90's: Played bass for the Torrey Pines Christian Church Worship Team Band (4 1/2 years). Studied bass with studio legend Carol Kaye. Lost hearing due to progressive hearing loss but regained it back with cochlear implant surgery. Released Demo CD "Bridges" (limited edition). Now engaged in solo projects and 'Fire & Ice'.

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